marți, octombrie 23, 2007

...doar e meci

- Spell your name without vowels: rn
- What is the date 2 days after your birthday?: 24 06
- How many pairs of jeans do you own?: 6
- What color do you wear most?: black
- What's for dinner tonight?: Joe
- Who did you last call on your cell phone?: o vilă din ...Buşteni?
- How do you make money?: I don't :)
- Last thing you bought over 50 dollars?: jeans
- Finish this sentence. I wish: I could sleep more.
- Last IM you recieved?: Ligia: :D
- Who did you hug today?: Paca, Ondi, Chris
- What are you going to do now?: meci Steaua.

[ x ] broken a promise
[ x ] made a new friend
[ x ] fell in love
[ x ] fell out of love
[ x ] done something you swore never to do
[ x ] lied
[ ] stole
[ x ] went behind your parents back
[ x ] cried over a broken heart
[ x ] disappointed someone close
[ x ] hidden a secret
[ x ] pretended to be happy
[ ] got arrested
[ x ] kissed in the rain
[ x ] slept under the stars
[ ] gotten in a fight
[ ] kept your new years resolution
[ x ] forgot your new years resolution
[ x ] met someone who changed your life
[ ] met one of your idols
[ ] changed your outlook on life
[ x ] sat home all day doing nothing
[ x ] pretended to be sick
[ ] left the country
[ ] almost died
[ x ] drank yourself retarded
[ x ] lost someone close to you
[ x ] been to the hospital
[ x ] gotten closer to someone
[ x ] cried over someone
[ x ] broken up with a gf or bf
[ x ] given up something important to you
[ ] talked on the phone all night
[ x ] learned something new about yourself
[ x ] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
[ x ] made a change in your life
[ x ] found out who your true friends were
[ x ] made a total fool of yourself
[ ] met great people
Have You Ever...
[ ]Played Spin the Bottle?
[ ]Toilet Paper someone's house
[ ]Played Poker with money
[ ]Gone swimming in a white T-shirt
[ x ]been tickled so hard you couldn't talk
[ ]liked someone but never told them
[ x ]went camping
[ ]had a crush on your brother's friend
[ x ]walk in the rain without an umbrella
[ x ]told a joke that NObody thought was funny
[ x ]been in a talent show
[ ]started laughing at someone's bedtime
[ x ]worn somthing your mom didn't appove of
[ x ]been to a nude beach
[ x ]drank jack daniels
[ ]cursed in a church
[ x ]been called a slut for kissing someone
[ x ]burnt yourslef with a curling iron/straightner
[ x ]wanted to be a police officer
[ x ]dumped someone
[ x ]been hit on by someone too old
[ x ]wanted to be a model
[ x ]bought lottery tickets
[ x ]made out in a car
[ x ]cried during a movie
[ x ]wanted something you couldn't have
[ ]had sex on the beach
[ ]seen someone shoplift
[ x ]hung up on someone
[ x ]yelled at your pet
[ x ]bought a thong when the casheir was a guy
[ ]tried to strip when drunk
[ ]gotten seasick
[ ]had a stalker
[ ]played a prank on somone that had them really scared
[ x ]been embarassed by one of your family
[ x ]felt bad about eating meat
[ ]protested
[ ]been to an island
[ x ]been in love
[ x ]ate just because you were bored
[ ]looked at something everybody thought was ugly and said "aww"
[ ]Screamed in a library
[ ]Made out with a stranger
[ x ]Been Dumped
[ x ]Wished a part of you was different
[ x ]asked a guy to dance
[ x ]been asked out by a really hot guy
[ x ]laughe so hard ou cried
[ x ]went up to a complete stranger and started talking
[ x ]been sunburned
[ x ]kicked a guy in the nuts for being a pervert
[ x ]threw up in school
[ x ]recieved an anonymous love letter
[ x ]had to wear something you hated
[ ]been to a luau
[ x ]say your ex and wanted to kick his ass
[ ]cursed in front of your parents
[ ]been in a commerical on tv
[ x ]watched a movie that made you miss your ex
[ ]been out of the country
[ x ]been honked at by some guy when you were walking down the sidewalk
[ x ]won at pool
[ x ]went to a party where you were the only sober one
[ x ]went on a diet
[ ]been lost out to sea
[ ]cheated on your bf/gf
[ x ]been cheated on
[ ]tanned topless
[ ]been attacked by seagulls
[ ]been searched in an airport
[ ]been on a plane
[ ]been pants-ed
[ x ]thrown a shoe at someone
[ ]broke someone's heart
[ x ]sung in the shower
[ x ]bought something way too expensive
[ x ]done something really stupid that you still laugh about
[ x ]been walked in on when you were dressing
[ ]ran out of a movie theatre because you were too scared of the movie
[ ]been kicked out of the mall
[ ]been mean to someone then instantly wanted to take it back
[ ]been given a detention on the worst day that you could get one
[ x ]done something stupid when you were drunk
[ ]fell off your roof
[ ]pretended you were scared so you could cuddle up with someone
[ ]had a deer jump in fron of your car
[ x ]threated someone with a water gun

Can you....
[ ]Unwrap a starburst with your tounge
[ x ]sing
[ x ]open your eyes underwater
[ x ]eat whatever you want and not have to worry
[ x ]ice skate
[ x ]sing in front of a crowd
[ ]whistle
[ x ]be a bitch at times
[ x ]do thirty pull ups
[ ]walk in really high heals
[ x ]eat super spicy foods
[ ]skateboard
[ ]sleep with the lights on
[ ]mulititask
[ x ]touch your nose with your tounge
[ x ]fall asleep easily in the car
[ ]do the cotton eye joe
[ ]surf
[ ]fit in your locker
[ ]do a split
[ x ]taste the difference between pepsi and coke

9 lasts:
Last dollar spent: ceai Taclale
Last cigarette: Kent 8
Last beverage: Pepsi Twist
Last movie: Her best move
Last song played: "Ghost Song", The Doors (last night)
Last time you cried: last night, during that movie
Last thing you ate: joe
8 have you evers:
Have you ever dated a best friend: no
Have you ever skinny dipped: yes
Have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: yes
Have you ever lost someone you loved: yes
Have you ever been dumped: yes
Have you ever been drunk and threw up: yes
Have you ever ran away: yes
Have you ever wanted someone u thought u couldnt have then found out they liked you: yes
7 states you've been to -
6 things you've done today: (in no particular order...)
Sleep, smoke, drink tee, write, read, eat
5 of your favorite things in no order.
music, mc donalds, coke, silver jewelry, drawing
4 famous people you like:
Jim Morrison, Axl Rose, John Lennon, Janis Joplin
3 things that make you smile.
vodka, tequila, kisses, clowns (sunt 4. scuze!) renunt la kisses :D
2 things you want to do before you die.
skydiving, visit Jim Morrison's grave
1 one thing you can't live without

which one do u prefer more?
lollipops or gum? gum
america or britain? -
strawberries or bananas? bananas
spiderman or batman? spiderman
rocks or stones? rocks
may or october? may
17 or 92? 17
scared or humiliated? scared
bunny or rabbit? bunny
tan or burgandy? tan
tropical or temperate? tropical
vampires or werewolves? vampires
insomniac or nocturnal? nocturnal

have you ever...
jumped off a house? no
swam in freezing ice water? no
been attacked? no
been made fun of? yes
cried for no reason? yes
been out of the country? no
thought about death? yes
gotten seriously injured? yes
gotten bit by someone? yes
screamed bloody murder? no
been to a concert? yes
eaten snow? yes
killed anyone? no
hurt somone psychially? yes
made someone cry? no
played with matches? yes
been on a plane? no
been to jail? no
laughed so hard it hurt? yes
read a book? yes
tasted blood? yes
cried yourself to sleep? yes
physically hurt yourself on purpose? no
gotten revenge? no
broken a promise? yes
been to church? yes
blown a bubble (from your gum) while underwater? no
been extremely bored? yes
played chess with a stranger? no
had a sad dream and woke up crying? yes
lost a soul you loved? yes
fell out of a tree? no
lied about your age? yes
been food poisoned? no

when's the last time you...
got kicked or slapped? today
talked on the phone? today
played a sport? today
stayed home sick? this month
sang aloud? today
listened to music? today
seen the snow? last year
head banged? can't remember
got a headache? 2 weeks ago
tripped or fell? today
smiled? today
laughed? today
swore out loud? today

just answer the questions...
what was the last book you've read? "procesul" kafka
whens the last time you sang jingle bells? last christmas
what kind of music do you listen to? rock
if you got to be the age you are in any year what year would it be? in the 60s
do you like marshmellows? yes
whats something that pisses you off? my mom
do you have a cat? no
how many more days until school starts? 12 hours
where are you? in my livingroom
do you have any current cuts or bruises? no
whens the last time you went to the beach? last summer
who's the last friend you saw? Ligia
what's favourite band? The Doors
are you chewing gum right now? No

chiar ma plictisesc.
ma duc sa hug a tree :)

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chris on 24 octombrie 2007, 21:54 spunea...

stii ca am stat ca prostu` sa citesc toate astea? :-) (oricum, majoritatea le stiam :P)


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